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"There was once a young boy out there, reaching out from the smallest possible place you can imagine. Never really believed he will be somebody and I am sure only a few believed he will become. Even when he was already standing on his own two feet, head on into creative world, chances were small. He got around reading Netdiver Magazine facing the selected few creatives (Carole Guevin) handpicked and featured up there. Day by day he was realizing he will never grow to be that talented. But he was a fighter and worked as hard as he could. Against the odds. Facing his own fears. Day by day. Year after year. Well that boy was me." Gregor Ċ½akelj

There are three pillars of reativity in order for a project to really work. You can see these three pillars hidden in the letter n.

We have to pursue those ideas capable of getting attention for its importance, for being unique, solid, innovating and coherent in its context. We look for ideas capable of making us change our behaviour that tickle us or make our heart beat, even if this is caused by envy.

There are great ideas that, due to an awful execution, were not able to persuade other people. We will have into account that work that offers quality in its execution, for its use of animation, edition, fill making, sound design that improve and increase the message, as well as for being technically immaculate in digital channels taking advantage of interactivity’s  limits and conversation.

No all ideas work the same way in any media. When we adapt a TV Spot “copy-paste” in another media as the digital one, we are not taking advantage of what it makes it unique, are we?
Let’s go after those ideas that are perfectly implemented, the idea in that channel that take advantage of its capacities in an innovating way and that makes them unique in that media.