The concept is based on integration and bringing up new opportunities for future, current and former students. With the mission to combine the recommendation and visual language of all 21 departments into one highly recognizable form. Collage must stimulate its student to think and be creative so they can evolve their individual opinions based upon the knowledge they receive. This can be achieved as a result of connection and open discussion among students. We wish to maintain a respectful institution and upgrade it to a creative institution – to adapt it to a whole new wave of communication and to become transparent, accessible and student friendly. A position to be among students not above them with a chance to grow together and giving students the knowledge they need.

Main Claim
We are aware of the prestigious tradition and all different directions and knowledge it poses. We have created a simple and applicative claim which combines all their knowledge in to one creative thought which offerers opinion and interpretation.  

The Foundation of Knowledge.  

Foundation – tradition, strength, stability, academic position  
Knowledge – what faculty has and gives to students  
Of – development, opinion, interpretation and individual thinking

Art direction
Art direction comes from our main concept – using simple basic forms. Graphics direction is based on post modernism (usage of everyday things, simple elements, formalism). Art direction is therefore different and recognizable but it still has enough room for different content. 

All elements were carefully selected: 
-        black and white photos of real students – confident and  power of  knowledge
-        square as the main form from the beginning of minimalism (Kazimir Malevich)  
-        usage of dividing lines between opinion and knowlage
-        selected quotes   
-        patterns - creativity